Sikyon Project

Anthropological Survey

The study of the modern village of Vasiliko involves mapping and examination of the village layout, and of its pre-modern churches, houses and industrial installations. The development of the village since the Ottoman period will be also addressed in combination with an anthropological study of its social organization during the same period of time. In addition, a major goal of the anthropological research is to explore how the presence and perception of antiquities intertwines with the shaping of modern identities and the tourist promotion of the area.

View of Sikyon after Rottmann (1834). M. Kalligas, Greek landscapes after the War of independence: aquarelles and drawings by C.áRottmann and L. Lange (Athens 1978)

The church of Theotokos in 1902-1903. by G. Lambakis. Source: Archaeological Society in Athens, Orlandos┤ archive