Sikyon survey project

The 2006 season

Anthropological study

Megali Vrisi.

The second stage of the anthropological research in the village of Vasiliko took place in July 2006. The research team included again the social anthropologist E. Deltsou and four internship undergraduate students who participated in the ethnographic research. This year the research investigated further the relationship between the archaeological past of the ancient city of Sikyona and the perceptions of the contemporary inhabitants of the village. It put more emphasis on issues concerning the agricultural present of the area, particularly in the context of the changing economic conditions on a local, national and international scale. It realized the construction of locality as a glorified antiquity in the context of their under-privileged cultural, economic and political present. The difficulties that the ethnographic team faced this time to build deeper rapport with locals relate to the causal factors they see for their under-privileged present.