Sikyon survey project

The 2006 season

Archaeological survey - North Plateau

In the northern plateau we continued the survey along the eastern edge, which is the most sensitive to modern housing development, by covering squares NP39.1 to 66.3. Ceramic concentrations here commonly exceeded 1000 sherds, in places 1500 sherds and occasionally 2000 sherds per square. In this area as well we observed density peaks in certain squares in relation to their surrounding squares which present approximately half of that density.

This could mean that the squares of high density represent houses whereas those of low density the gardens and the free spaces surrounding them.

Absolute sherd and rooftile counts from the 2004-2006 seasons in the North Plateau.

Distribution of architectural fragments from the 2004-2006 seasons in the North Plateau.

Rectangular rim of a well with cylindrical shaft in NP 63.1.

We recorded many walls oriented along the cardinal points, a rectangular rim of a well, and in two squares we spotted segments which most likely belonged to the fortification wall of the city.

Among the rest of the finds, we should mention a few ceramic wasters and slugs found in many squares but especially in the area of tract NP50, and a Doric capital in NP49.2.