Sikyon Project

Thematic exhibition

On the basis of our finds we chose four main themes: a) the industrial activity as expressed in the ceramic kilns to the southeast of the agora, b) the commercial activity as perceived by the finds in rooms to the north of the kilns, c) consumption of food and liquid based on the finds from the well in the west stoa of the agora, and d) daily life with examples of objects and tools of everyday use. Our goal is the artifacts of each thematic unit to be presented in their context. In order to reconstruct this context in the exhibition hall we plan to use audio-visual material, from simple photos of excavated areas to multimedia applications with 3D reconstructions and appropriate background sounds. For example, in the industrial unit, we shall have on display actual products of the ceramic workshops accompanied by photorealistic representations of the kilns based on the surviving remains and by sounds of a typical ceramic workshop of the pre-industrial era. Chryssa Varela, in collaboration with Scott Gallimore, selected some 60 artifacts for the exhibition which she photographed and began to write their accompanying texts. In addition, we plan to have in the exhibition two introductory thematic units, mostly with visual material and the appropriate legends. One of these units will concern the ancient city in general and the broader area of the ancient agora where the excavations have taken place, and the second one the excavation methods and the whole process from the discovery to the display. Methods of conservation and protection of the antiquities followed in our excavations will be part of this second thematic unit. All the artifacts that were selected for the exhibition have been conserved by Amalia Siatou and her assistants.

Characteristic products of the local ceramic workshops (Early Roman period)

Typical vessels of food production and consumption (various periods)

Amphoras from a shop to the north of the ceramic workshops (4th century CE)

Οbjects of daily use (lamps, loomweights, keys, beads, fibulae) from various periods