Sikyon survey project

The 2008 season

Archaeological survey - North Plateau

Ceramic densities and in-situ architectural fragments in the squares of the north plateau.

In the north plateau, ceramic densities are much higher, usually exceeding 500 sherds per square, but the differences from field to field in visibility and kind of crop prohibit direct comparison.

Yet, some squares stand out with densities that exceed 1000 sherds per square: more specifically tract NP104 and 105 in the eastern sector, NP 109.1 at the center, and NP 122 in the western sector of the covered area. We have recorded a number of architectural remains, usually wall foundations made of ashlar blocks that in some cases define insulae and streets of the ancient city, more rarely segments of walls made of brick and mortar, as well as cisterns.

All in situ walls obey the city-grid oriented N-S and E-W. Among the dozens of scattered architectural members, the majority of which are ashlar blocks of conglomerate, limestone or sandstone, we have recorded a number of pebble mosaic fragments, a few column drums, one Ionic half capital, and one much worn anta capital.

Surface traces of wall defining one side of an ancient city-block in NP 104.02.

Surface traces of wall defining one side of an ancient city-block in NP 135.07.

Trace of retaining wall of an ancient street in NP 128.02.

Corner of a building made of rubble, brick and mortar in NP 122.01.

Mouth of a cistern in NP 109.05.

Anta capital from NP 123.09.

Pebble mosaic fragment from NP 104.16.

Fragment of an Ionic half capital from NP 104.01.

In terms of small finds, we have recorded conical loomweights, lamps, many pieces of glass and metal, grindstones, slags, shells and a few coins.