Sikyon survey project

The 2009 season

Geoarchaeological study

The quarried western scarp of the upper level of the palaestra.

Chris Hayward has continued his work in and around the agora by focusing on the architectural use of the stone within the excavated remains, and on the palaeotopographic reconstruction of the area surrounding the excavated site. With regard to the lithology of the excavated monuments, the types of stone were recorded and detailed measurements of the individual stones used were obtained. Overall, there was little attempt to quarry blocks to a specific set of dimensions with few exceptions - the orthostates of the bouleuterion and the proedriai of the theater.

With regard to the palaeotopography, the quarried scarp to the west of the palaestra was examined in detail same as some areas around the theater and the bouleuterion in an effort to supplement the data necessary for the reconstruction of the pre-construction landscape. Outside the agora, Chris Hayward has continued with the mapping of the ancient quarries and with the recording of the geological stratigraphy of the Upper and Lower Plateaus.