Sikyon survey project

The 2007 season

Archaeological survey - Upper Plateau

We investigated the south-eastern section of the Upper plateau (UP 39-55) as well as a tract at its northern corner, to the west of the stadium (UP56). Ceramic density was low, in the range of 100-150 sherds per square, and occasionally even lower. Higher concentrations, in the order of 200-300 and rarely up to 400 sherds per square were observed only in specific squares and most likely represent the nuclei of scattered installations of a rather flimsy nature in this area. The rarity of architectural remains as well as the very small quantities of roof tiles point in this direction.

The tract to the west of the stadium (UP56) features higher ceramic densities, that is over 300 sherds per square, and even over 500 in some squares. In this area we also located and mapped a section of the ancient city-wall along the northern edge of the plateau, as well as a few scattered stones, manifestly from the city-wall.

Absolute sherd and rooftile counts from the 2004-2007 seasons in the Upper Plateau.

Part of the ancient city-wall in UP 56.24.