Sikyon Project

The 2006 season

Archaeological survey - introduction

Intensive surface survey was carried out between June 25 and July 25 with the participation of five experienced archaeologists and 22 students.

We covered in total 517 squares; by area this amounts to 130 on the upper plateau, 217 on the northern plateau, and 170 on the southern plateau. In addition, following the policy of previous years, we re-surveyed several squares that we had covered in the past but now had better visibility. These revisits aid in the calculation of the influence that the field conditions have on the recovery of artifacts, and subsequently help in rectifying the density maps. Given the bulk of the material, total collection of sherds every fifth square was almost always done on the basis of the cross-sample, that is along two lanes crossing each other at the center of the square. (For the sampling method see the introduction to ┴rchaeological Survey.)

Digitized map of the plateau with the squares covered during the 2004-2006 seasons.

Digitized map of the plateau with the ceramic distribution of the 2004-2006 seasons.

In the storerooms, ceramic processing consisted of sorting by fabric and by vessel shape. So far, we have distinguished macroscopically more than 40 different fabrics and dozens of shapes mostly from Hellenistic and Roman vessels.