Sikyon Project

The 2007 season

Archaeological survey - North Plateau

From the Northern Plateau we investigated the area to the north of the agora and due east of the stadium (NP 67-103). Ceramic densities here show large differentiation to which contributes the different soil conditions and visibility. Higher ceramic concentrations were encountered in certain squares (P 71, 81, 85, 87, 92, 94), and in one area (NP94) the number of sherds exceeds 1000 per square.

Equally significant is the high density of roof tiles that in certain squares exceed by far the number of sherds. The explanation for this phenomenon, which has also been encountered in other areas of the plateau, seems to lie in the large number of architectural structures spotted in this area. We located and mapped 114 architectural features preserved in-situ along with dozens of scattered blocks.

Absolute sherd and rooftile counts from the 2004-2007 seasons in the North Plateau.

In-situ architectural features in the North Plateau surveyed during the 2007 season.

These features usually are walls and corners of buildings and city-blocks, but also retaining walls of streets, cisterns, quarries etc.

Part of a wall in NP 73.2.

Part of a wall in NP 83.11. The strong retaining wall of the stadium's track is visible in the background.

Building corner in NP 83.12.

Part of a wall in NP 94.7.