Wednesday, 25/4/2007

14:00 - 15:30
Guided tour at the Roof Tiles and Brickworks Museum, Tsalapatas Industrial Area
16:30 - 18:00
The Culture and Politics of Mobility in Mediterranean Context
Chair: Ioanna Laliotou (University of Thessaly)
Enrica Capussotti (University of Siena)
Going back "home": Italian cinema, contemporary mobility and the Mediterranean Read the abstract
Yorgos Kalogeras (Aristotle University of Salonica)
"Are Armenians white": Reading Elia Kazan's America, America Read the abstract
Respondents: Eleftheria Deltsou (University of Thessaly), Penelope Papailias (University of Thessaly)
Keynote Lecture
̀inna Rozen (Haifa University)
Greeks and Jews negotiating their Identities

Thursday, 26/4/2007

09:30 - 14:30
Merchants and Merchant Networks in the Mediterranean (15th-18th centuries)
Chair: Anthony Molho (European University Institute)
Francisco Appelaniz (European University Institute)
Une Méditerranée sans diasporas? Reseaux et institutions à Alexandrie d' Egypte (1350-1500) Read the abstract
Aline Durel (European University Institute)
Réseaux florentins, réseaux vénitiens: deux façons d'envisager la Méditerranée et son avenir à la fin du XVème siècle Read the abstract
Mathieu Grenet (European University Institute)
Beyond diasporas and networks. Greek trade and migration in the Mediterranean, 16th to 19th centuries Read the abstract
Sakis Gekas (European University Institute)
Merchants into Businessmen. Ionians before the 'Ionian Phase' of Greek Merchant Networks Read the abstract
Respondents: Christina Agriantoni (University of Thessaly), Maria Christina Chatziioannou (Institute for Neohellenic Research / National Research Foundation)
16:30 - 20:00
Memories of Coexistence and Conflict
Chair: Christina Agriantoni (University of Thessaly)
Yannis Papatheodorou (Greek Open University)
Mediterranean negotiations: C.P.Kavafy's Hellenism at the crossroads Read the abstract
Vassiliki Yakoumaki (University of Thessaly)
On necessary "sensitivities": Building Jewishness in the Greek public sphere Read the abstract
Ilay Romain Ors (Bilgi University)
Politiki Kouzina or Cosmopolitanism à la Polita: at the crossroads of memory and nostalgia Read the abstract
Philip Carabott (King's College London)
Views and practices on the (co)existence of heteroreligious (Jews, Muslims) and heterodox (Catholics, Evangelicals) in the Greek realm, early nineteenth–early twentieth century Read the abstract
Respondents: Effi Gazi (University of Thessaly), Rika Benveniste (University of Thessaly), Nikos Stavroulakis

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