Religions in Conflict: From Polemics to Wars (Late Antiquity - 18th Century)
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Friday June 11, 2004

17.15 Welcome

17. 30-18.45 Session I
Early Christian Views of Religious Conflicts and Religious Wars

Chair: Antonis Liakos (University of Athens)

Dimitris Kyrtatas (University of Thessaly): Christians against Christians: The Earliest Stage of a Long History      [>>

Despina Iosif (London University): New Testament Teachings on the Legitimacy of Christian Participation in Warfare      [>>


18.45-19.15 Coffee Break

19.15-21.00 Session II
The Enemy within: Christians against Christians

Chair: Anthony Molho (European University Institute, Florence)

Philip Benedict (Brown University): From Polemics to Wars: The Curious Case of the House of Guise and the Outbreak of the French Wars of Religion      [>>

Costas Gaganakis (Univeristy of Athens): Religious Zeal and Political Expediency on the the Eve of the French Wars of Religion     [>>

Denis Crouzet (Université de Paris IV, Sorbonne): Le zèle catholique au temps des troubles de la Ligue      [>>


21.00 Reception

Saturday June 12, 2004

9.15-11.00 Session III
Icons in War

Chair: Maria Vassilaki

Marie-France Auzépy (Université de Paris VIII): A Moment of Conflict Inside Christianity: The Byzantine Iconoclasm      [>>

Robin Cormack (Courtauld Institute of Art): From Invisible to Visible: Why did Early Christian Art change?      [>>

Maria Evangelatou (Dumbarton Oaks): Biblical Conflicts in the Service of Iconophile Polemics: The Case of the 9th Century Psalter Illustration      [>>


10.45-11.15 Coffee Break

11.15-12.45 Session IV
The Christian through the Jew

Chair: James Given

Ora Limor (Tel-Aviv, Open University): Mary and the Jews: Three Witness Stories      [>>

Henriette-Rika Benveniste: On the Language of Conversion: Visigothic Spain revisited      [>>


17.30-18.45 Session V
Demons in Politics

Chair: Ora Limor

Orestis Lindermayer (University of Crete): Anti-Greek Demonology in Pagan Rome and its Influence on the Development of the Christian Text of the Revelation of John      [>>

James Given (Irvine, University of California): Chasing Phantoms: Philip IV and the Fantastic      [>>


18.45-19.15 Coffee Break

19.15-20.30 Session VI
The Encounter between East and West

Chair: Philipp Benedict

Robert Moore (University of Newcastle): Making Enemies: The Latin Church in the Age of Reform      [>>

Maria Vassilaki (University of Thessaly): Religions in Conflict: The Case of Venetian Crete      [>>


Sunday 13 June, 2004

9.00-11.30 Session VII
Old Polemics in New Contexts

Chair: Robert Moore

Paris Gounaridis (University of Thessaly): John Italos: A Reconsideration of his Trial      [>>

Paraskevas Konortas (University of Thessaly): Conflits religieux et coexistence politique à Constantinople: Sultans Ottomans et Patriarches orthodoxes      [>>

Effie Gazi (University of Thessaly): Reading the Ancients: Remnants of Byzantine Controversies in the Greek National Narrative      [>>

Maria Efthymiou (University of Athens): Greeks and Jews during the Greek Revolution of 1821: The Reasons of the Confrontation      [>>


11.30-12.00 Coffee Break

12.00-13.00 Concluding Remarks

D.Kyrtatas, R. Cormack, Ph. Benedict

2004: Univeristy of Thessaly - Department. of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology