Religions in Conflict: From Polemics to Wars (Late Antiquity - 18th Century)
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John Italos: A Reconsideration of his Trial

P. Gounaridis, University of Thessaly

In a time of insecurity, after the battle of Mantzikert (1071), the military class, even considered to be insignificant, are made to be the charismatic saviors. As Alexis I Comnenos was on the throne, there has been a complete turn in the empire's politics. Alexis was expressing the common belief, everyone was obliged to act into the frames of the tradition, as they have been defined from the basic institutions, the imperial power and the Patriarchate.

Alexis I Comnenos turns against a way of life, the "politikon", that was dominated in Constantinople leading class. Part of "poltitikon" was the ideological concoction developed by the students of Mauropous. This concoction was trying to compromise theoretically the religious orthodoxy with the philosophical chase. The concoction has never been a political ideology, because nobody has even dreamed to escape the "orthodox" ideology. Actually, nothing could prevent this philosophical chase, as that was the common way of practice.

Alexis I Comnenos puts in force a mechanism of persecutions of convictions that diverge from "orthodoxy". This brings confusion and fear. This intimidation climate was accompanied by defamation of any deviation. The trial of the "Greek" teaching of John Italos was an exemplification of how the "politikon" was confronted.

The communication, taking into consideration the new data, will examine closely the charge and the accusations of the political power against John Italos and will try to define Alexis I Comnenosí dogma and the suppressive measures of the "politikon".

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