University of Thessaly - Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology

The 7th Ephorate of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Antiquities, Larissa

Relief Icons

Volos, 13-14 June 2009


Eugenia Chalkia (Director of the 26th Ephorate, Kalamata)

Robin Cormack (Professor Emeritus, University of London)

Simon Davies (Lincoln College, London)

Aspasia Dina (Director of the 7th Ephorate, Larissa)

Ioli Kalavrezou (Professor, Harvard University)

Dimitrios Liakos (Archaeologist, 10th Ephorate, Thessaloniki)

Katia Loverdou-Tsigarida (Archaeologist, Thessaloniki)

Barbara Papadopoulou (Director of the 8th Ephorate, Yannina)

Helen Papavassileiou (Archaeologist, 4th Ephorate, Rhodes)

Brigitte Pitarakis (CNRS-Paris, Paris)

Athanassios Semoglou (Ass. Professor, University of Thessaloniki)

Yannis Varalis (Lecturer, University of Thessaly)

Nicolas Siomkos (Archaeologist, 10th Ephorate, Thessaloniki)

Maria Vassilaki (Ass. Professor, University of Thessaly)

George Velenis (Professor, University of Thessaloniki)

Vassiliki Vemi (Ass. Professor, University of Thessaly)