Paper abstract

Multi-storeyed vessels

Simantoni-Bournia Eva

In Crete potters experimented with multiplying vessels vertically, thus producing strange shapes such as jugs with double bellies or double aryballoi, as early as the PGB period. Slightly later, from the Middle Geometric Period on, their Athenian colleagues pushed the experiment further, stacking up a larger variety of shapes, jugs, tankards lecythoi, but mainly skyphoi. Other Geometric workshops -with few exceptions- were reluctant to imitate them and even in Attica these vessels seem to go out of fashion after the end of the 8th c. BC.
By contrast, stacked cups make their appearance in Ionia, especially in Samos, exactly afterwards, from the early 7th c. until the end of the archaic period.
Considering the great skill that the manufacture of these special containers required, we make an attempt to understand the purpose of their production and to survey the time-span they cover and their distribution.

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