Paper abstract

A necropolis of the Geometric period at Marathon: The finds

Vlachou Vicky

In the area of Marathon in Attica, in the modern municipality of Nea Makri, part of an ancient cemetery was excavated. The rescue excavations conducted by the 2nd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities during 1995 in the area opposite of the American base, in proximity to the coast, revealed about 18 graves of the Geometric, late Archaic and Classical periods. A few more burials were excavated in the same area in 1985 (K. Eustratiou, Archailogikon Deltion 40, 1985, pp. 72-73). In this paper we will present the Geometric graves from the cemetery, some of which yielded a number of excellent as well as unusual vases. Two vases from distinct burials stand out from the rest due to their size and decoration: a pitcher probably within the Classical Tradition of the LGIIb period, and part of a giant amphora bearing a prothesis scene. The striking selection and combination of images for the decoration of the pitcher, as well as the size and quality of both vases, lead to a series of interesting remarks regarding iconographical matters on one hand and the funerary ideology and the status of the deceased on the other.

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