Paper abstract

The settlement on the Kastro at Kavousi in the Late Geometric Period

Mook Margaret

The excavations on the Kastro, in the northeastern Isthmus of Ierapetra near Kavousi, have revealed remains from a substantial phase of settlement belonging to the Late Geometric period. This settlement is composed primarily of multi-room houses built on naturally and artificially terraced slopes. House sizes and plans vary widely across the site: some structures were new foundations in Late Geometric, while others were established in the Protogeometric period and continued to be used, usually with some modification. This paper 1) identifies the Late Geometric houses and exterior spaces; 2) examines other structures whose function may not have been primarily domestic; 3) assesses the factors that may have impacted the plans, sizes and locations of buildings in the settlement; and 4) suggests access routes through the settlement. Explication of the Late Geometric settlement on the Kastro will reveal aspects of social organization and enhance our understanding of conditions that contributed to the process of urbanization on Crete.

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