Paper abstract

A necropolis of the Geometric period at Marathon. The context

Mazarakis Ainian Alexander

This paper is a brief account of the excavation data concerning a necropolis of the Geometric period at Nea Makri, beneath Marathonos avenue, alongside the entrance of the former American base. The area was partly excavated by the 2nd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities in two distinct periods. In March 1985 a few burials were discovered by the late K. Eustratiou (Archailogikon Deltion 40, 1985, pp. 72-73) and in July-August 1995 several more were excavated by A. Mazarakis Ainian. The distribution of the burials suggests that there were two distinct burial plots, some 50 metres apart. The connection of this cemetery to those already known from the area will be discussed, and the question of the settlement pattern of the Geometric period in the surrounding plain will be assessed.

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