Religion and historiography, Late Antiquity  20th century

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Friday, 30/6/2006, 18:00-20:30

"Latin" West and "Orthodox" East

Chair: Dimitris Kyrtatas (University of Thessaly, Volos)

Evelyne Patlagean (Universite de Paris X, Nanterre)
Historiens catholiques de l'orthodoxie: le cas des Assomptionistes
Vasilios N. Makrides (University of Erfurt)
The problem of history in Orthodox Christianity: a comparison with Protestantism and Roman Catholicism
Paris Gounaridis (University of Thessaly, Volos)
'Antilatinism': From the byzantine sources to the new greek orthodoxy

Saturday, 1/7/2006, 09:30-12:30

Religious orthodoxy and deviation: Defining the limits

Chair: Anthony Molho (European University Insttitute, Florence)

Robert Moore (University of Newcastle)
Heretics, historians and orientalism
Christopher Black (University of Glasgow)
Reconsidering the Inquisitions in Early Modern Italy
Henriette Rika Benveniste (University of Thessaly, Volos)
The religion of the conversos: An ongoing historiographical debate
Theodosis Nikolaidis (Ionian University)
Le culte des saints: approches recentes

Saturday, 1/7/2006, 18:00-20:30

Religious conflict and historical writing

Chair: Robert Moore (University of Newcastle)

Philip Benedict (Universite de Geneve)
A Case of Intense Historical Consciousness Amid Ongoing Religious Conflict: Huguenot Historical Writing from Beza to Bayle
Costas Gaganakis (University of Athens)
From the social history of the Reformation to the Reformation as communication process
Natassa Konstantinidou (University of Edinburgh)
'Secularisation', 'Disenchantment of the World', the Church, and 'Modernity' in Early Modern Europe: Towards the Resolution of a Great Debate?

Sunday, 2/7/2006, 09:30-12:00

Narratives of nationalism

Chair: Ch. Agriantoni (University of Thessaly, Volos)

Tonia Kiousopoulou (University of Crete)
How Byzantium became identified with the Eastern Orthodox Church in the modern era
Effie Gazi (University of Thessaly, Volos)
Revisiting Nationalism and Religion in modern and contemporary Greece
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