Recent research related to the study, recovery and revival of ancient ceramic technology involves the physicochemical analysis of raw materials and their processing, their possible provenance and the thorough understanding of the various stages of the manufacturing process. At the same time new approaches to archaeological education and to the display and promotion of cultural artifacts have created a demand for contemporary, museum quality, reproductions that incorporate the technical and archaeological knowledge concerning ancient ceramics.

The current Symposium focuses on issues that will permit a broader discussion on the experimental revival of ancient techniques and will offer the scientific background for the reproduction of selected examples of ancient pottery. It consists of two parts:

  1. Scientific Meeting (28/9) where invited speakers that will present papers on:
    • matters of technology of ancient pottery
    • the social, cultural and ideological background of ceramic production during antiquity
    • new data from the hellenic and the wider Mediterranean world
    • interdisciplinary approaches
    • experimental archaeology
    • reproduction of ancient objects
  2. Workshop (29-30/9) where experienced ceramists, potters and vase painters from Greece and abroad will experiment with the original materials and ancient ceramic techniques.

The Symposium presents both scientific and educational interest and aims to bring together scholars, archaeologists, postgraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines as well as anyone interested in ancient technology and the modern reproduction of ancient objects.

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