Prof. Habicht
Prof. Habicht

Next February (2006) Professor Christian Habicht will become eighty years old (born on 23.2.1926).

On this occasion Greek Epigraphic Society (A. P. Matthaiou), the Archaeological Institute for Thessalian Studies (Dr. A. Doulgeri-Intzesiloglou) and the University of Thessaly, Dpt. of History, Archaeology and S. Anthropology (Assoc. Prof. Y. Pikoulas) are planning for April 2006 an International Conference in honor of Professor Christian Habicht, one of the most distinguished scholars of our time.

We have already written to Prof. Chr. Habicht announcing to him our plans and inviting him to participate. We are very pleased that he accepted our invitation and that he will be present in the Conference.

The Conference will be divided in two parts, the Athenian and the Thessalian one, since Professor Chr. Habicht has contributed a lot to these two fields. The Athenian part will take place in Athens on 3-5 April, while the Thessalian one will take place at Volos on 7-8 April.

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