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The contents of the library

The Coulson Library in the Laboratory of Archaeology of the Univesrity of Thessaly.

The library constitutes an important part of the donation of W.D.E. Coulson's archives which were donated to the Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology of the University of Thessaly and the Laboratory of Archaeology. Most of the books are kept at the Main Library of the university and have been embodied in its union catalogue and classified accordingly. A smaller number of books are kept in the Laboratory of Archaeology. However, the entire group of books, together with periodicals and numerous offprints, have been recorded and can be tracked through our catalogue.

The library comprises numerous books, periodicals and off-prints which deal mainly with Aegean and Greek Archaeology. Several titles, however, concern the Late Bronze Age and the Early Iron Age, while the geographical areas covered are basically the Peloponnese, Crete, Athens and Attica, Asia Minor, as well as areas in the Middle East (Egypt, Syro-Palestine). A number of titles concern the Roman period, as well as the conservation and restoration of monuments. The library also includes all the publications of W.D.E. Coulson and his collaborators in the excavation and other field projects in which he participated or directed (Kastro Kavousi, Vrondas and Halasmenos in Crete, Nichoria in the Peloponnese, Naukratis in Egypt). as well as his numerous publications, including his Ph.D. thesis Studies in Chapters 34 and 36 of Pliny the Elder' s Natural History.

Covers from the Coulson library.

Among the periodicals are included extensive series of Hesperia, American Journal of Archaeology, Archaeology, and the series 7 Ημέρες (7 Days) of the newspaper H Kathimerini.

Most of the titles are in Greek and English, and several are in French, German and Italian. Some titles are in Russian, Bulgarian, Turkish and other languages.

In all more than 2000 books and periodicals have been catalogued, as well as ca. 1300 off-prints.

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